Prior to VIPOC 2018 an electronic survey will be conducted to gain a snapshot of the current situation with regards:

  • Patient organizations – countries and cities
  • Views and opinions of leaders, volunteers and patients in relation to viti-ligo care and support
  • Links with research projects and partnerships with the pharma industry
  • Reimbursement for medical treatment
  • Strategic goals and objectives of vitiligo patient organizations

Publication and analysis of the survey results will take place during the VIPOC.


Day 1 – Thursday 5th April 2018

General Meeting of the leaders and representatives of the vitiligo patient organizations

  • The state of vitiligo care around the world (survey results)
  • Sharing best practice methods and practical action
  • Research – how to get involved
  • Goals and objectives – setting the priorities
  • Strategic planning – what can be done in the next 5 years
    Workshops and plenary session

Dinner thematic debates

Topic 1: «How can links between vitiligo patient organizations and the pharma industry be strengthened?»

Topic 2: «Vitiligo in children: what more can be done to help?»

Day 2 – Friday 6th April 2018

Meeting with researchers (covering a range of topics), working groups and plenary session
• Genetics and vitiligo
• Vitiligo and its comorbidities – awareness and management
• Therapeutic innovations
• Tools for diagnostic and treatment outcome measures
• Looking forward – building a relationship with the research sector

Dinner thematic debates

Topic 1: « The future of global healthcare: collaboration or disruption?»

Topic 2: « One skin, one vitiligo: how can patient directed care be improved for the future?»

Day 3 – Saturday 7th April 2018 (Optional)

Annual General Meeting and 25th Anniversary of the French Vitiligo Association
(English translation provided)