VIPOC Conference 2020 Agenda (provisional)

Worldwide conference patient leaders and researchers/scientists in heart of actions

To support better patients in 2020
To advocate for better care and cure
To fight against discriminations

Thursday evening December 3rd 2020 : Opening session and diner with all delegates

“VIPOC today and tomorrow, vitiligo patient leaders towards equality for cure and care” Jean-Marie Meurant -France, President of Vitiligo International Patient Organizations Committee

Friday December 4th 2020  : Vitiligo Patient leaders day

¨     Regional patient advocacy today, perspectives and projects for a Worldwide view

  • Europe Georg Pliszewski – Germany
  • North America Pat Rossy – USA
  • Africa Gaone Tlhong– South Africa
  • Asia Maya Tulpule – India
  • South America (tbd)

¨     How clinical researches are launched and run ? What are the frame for collaboration between pharma Industries and patient organizations ? Oana Bernard – France

¨     How and why to inform and advocate with regulators and health authorities  about burden and  impacts ?           Roles and duties of national patient organizations and VIPOC in cure reimbursement negotiation process           Jean -Marie Meurant – France

¨     Burden of vitiligo disease, impacts and comorbidities studies today ? How to build a study and to argue ?              Dr Viktoria Eleftheriadou – UK, Dr Richard Huggins – USA


¨     Action plan 2021-2025 focus groups per region and worldwide

Saturday December 5th 2020 : Vitiligo researchers/scientists and Vitiligo patient leaders day

¨ Pathogenesis of Vitiligo Dr Mauro Picardo – Italy

¨ Clinical aspects of vitiligo Pr Thierry Passeron – France

¨ Medical treatment, new drugs Dr John Harris – USA

¨ Surgical treatments Dr Davinder Prasad – India

¨ Quality of life, burden of Vitiligo Pr Khaleed Ezzedine – France

¨ Genetics and Vitiligo Pr Richard Spritz – USA

¨ Worldwide Vitiligo guidelines  Pr Julien Seneschal – France

¨ How to interact to get more funds for  research ? New ways to collaborate  group discussion


Sunday December 6th 2020 closing session

-> Annual General Meeting  and 2025 Perspectives