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Bring together organizations/groups of vitiligo patients to make their voices heard better. One voice for vitiligo


Support and represent vitiligo patients in all national, regional, and international bodies, educate the public.


Help and support researchers, collaborate with pharma industries, participate in clinical trials to help develop new therapies.

Vitiligo International Patient Organisations Committee is the worldwide alliance of vitiligo patient organizations build in 2018 during the first Vitiligo International Patient Organizations Conference and is now an official NGO based in Paris.

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EventsWorld Vitiligo Day

Tour de France du vitiligo, 2-26 June 2021

12 August 2021
For World Vitiligo Day afvitiligo hosted a 5000km walk, which took place for 24 days.…
Covid and vaccination

Covid vaccination and vitiligo

23 April 2021
In case you are wondering if ever having Vitiligo has an influence on the effect…
Vitiligo stories

Lee Thomas Shares His Vitiligo Journey: ‘I Am Not My Disease’

23 April 2021
As a broadcast television personality, Lee Thomas was comfortable having all eyes on him. That…

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