3rd VIPOC Conference 2022



VIPOC Conference


One Voice for Vitiligo



Bring together organizations/groups of vitiligo patients to make their voices heard better. One voice for vitiligo


Support and represent vitiligo patients in all national, regional, and international bodies, educate the public.


Help and support researchers, collaborate with pharma industries, participate in clinical trials to help develop new therapies.

Vitiligo International Patient Organizations Committee is the worldwide alliance of vitiligo patient organizations build in 2018 during the first Vitiligo International Patient Organizations Conference and is now an official NGO based in Paris.

VIPOC Member Organizations

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VitiligoVitiligo researchvitiligo treatment

Anxiety and depression in pediatric patients with vitiligo and alopecia areata and their parents: A cross-sectional controlled study Part 2

4 May 2022
Separated, n (%)                            4 (12.9)                                        4(13.8)                                                                                                               0 Number of siblings 1, n (%) 4 (12.9)…
VitiligoVitiligo researchvitiligo treatment

Factors affecting quality of life in patients with vitiligo Part 2

12 April 2022
Patients and methods Participants and settings A nationwide questionnaire-based study was conducted in 21 hospitals…
the upside of skin conditionVitiligoVitiligo stories

Painful process and rebirth of turning ‘white’

1 April 2022
Seeing the upside of skin condition, vitiligo STRUGGLE: Moleboheng Molebatsi, 22, suffers from vitiligo and…

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