VIPOC 2020: A Commitment to the Future

Through Financial Support

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies are invited to become partners of VIPOC 2020 by providing financial support to:

  • Sponsor VIPOC conference participants through a travel and accommodation allowance
  • Provide official sponsorship of the 1st Vitiligo Dinner, with the topics «How can links between vitiligo patient organizations and the pharma industry be strengthened?» and «Vitiligo in children»
  • Provide official sponsorship of the 2nd Vitiligo Dinner, with the topics « The future of global healthcare» and « One skin, one vitiligo»
  • Celebration and spaces of the partners during VIPOC 2020 conference

VIPOC Sponsors

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Our purpose is to improve the daily life of vitiligo patients, provide them with the support and information they need, and promote understanding, recognition, work on cure and care for vitiligo by the medical community and society.