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More than 100 million people affected in the world

Vitiligo is often dismissed as an « aesthetic disease. » However, it is a medical condition characterized by a seemingly random loss of pigmentation of the skin that can profoundly affect a patient’s quality of life.
An autoimmune process results in melanocytes in the skin being attacked and destroyed by the immune system. It may be associated with other autoimmune diseases such as thyroid dysfunction (in 30% of cases), alopecia areata, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus.
There is no cure for vitiligo, and current treatments are usually of partial benefit only.

Children, women, men; 100 million people suffer from vitiligo around the world.
Vitiligo is not just an aesthetic disease but, it is also of a systemic autoimmune nature with a severe burden.
The appearance of depigmented skin areas is often indicative of other important comorbidities for the patient: thyroid dysfunctions (30% of cases), alopecia areata, gastric diseases, rheumatism, etc.).
Throughout their lives, vitiligo patients need a drug or several treatments but also dermatological products for sensitive skincare, skin depigmented protection (hydration, sun protection, make-up products, etc.).

Vitiligo Burden

The disfigurement caused by vitiligo can have a devastating psychological impact, leaving patients anxious and with feelings of low self-esteem. Which significantly influences many aspects of their private and professional lives. Studies have shown that 67% of those with vitiligo are afraid that their disease may spread, 59% of sufferers avoid outdoor activities because of their vitiligo, and 61% feel abandoned by the health profession. A diagnosis of vitiligo can shake patients to the core and affect their family and relatives. in some countries, vitiligo is considered a family curse and will influence the marriage prospects of the affected individual and his/her siblings.
Vitiligo presents a significant public health issue at both the local and global levels.
We need to change things for the better!

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