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VIPOC 2020 : India

VIPOC conference 2020 was initially planned for Bangalore, India, Friday, Dec 4th as well as VIS (Vitiligo International Symposium) Saturday, Dec 5th and Sunday, Dec 6th, 2020.

Virtual Event

Despite all COVID19 issues, confinement, it was decided that  there was a need to connect again to reinforce awareness and advocacy worldwide, so a decision was taken that the VIPOC conference 2020 will was going to be held virtually on Friday December 4th ,2020


During that time, the patient leaders had the opportunity to talk about their realizations for 2020 (meetings, new members, activities, etc) they were able to share their future action plans and projects for 2021 and look at how to expand vitiligo awareness on a regional basis.

Vitiligo International Symposium 2020

The third VIS, initially scheduled for December 2020 in Bangalore (India), had to be held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, it was a real success: more than 1,000 people connected followed the presentations of specialists around the world (research, studies, clinical trials, new therapies, etc.).

Click here to view the 2020 Program of the conference

We had a reflection on the 1st VIPOC Conference held in Paris in April 2018. The following topics were also discussed

  • VIPOC organization support needs
  • How to improve VIPOC role and impact
  • How to improve on vitiligo advocacy and awareness for the vitiligo community.

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Our purpose is to improve the daily life of vitiligo patients, provide them with the support and information they need, and promote understanding, recognition, work on cure and care for vitiligo by the medical community and society.