We are a vitiligo support community located in Nigeria with over 40 vitiligans, we provide awareness and support to vitiligans by actively participating in educating young people in various schools in Nigeria about vitiligo, participating towards Nigerian based vitiligo research, and organizing social events where people get together to have a better understanding on what vitiligo is all about. We create content that educates people about vitiligo and provide a platform where people share their vitiligo experience to inspire others. We understand how difficult it is for people with vitiligo to get to accept their skin conditions when they can’t profer solutions to their problems. In Nigeria, most vitiligans can’t afford the treatments available for vitiligo, some vitiligans have never had the opportunity to visit a dermatologist while others with prescription can’t afford to buy the medications. Average vitiligans in Nigeria would be needing sunscreens to protect him/her from sunburn but can’t afford it. As a result, some withdraw from associating with people, and decide to live their lives behind closed doors. A few others would go out there and try to get jobs, but they get turned down because of their vitiligo. An example is trying to join the Military and Paramilitary services in Nigeria.
We came up with Zvitiligo to give vitiligans in Nigeria hope and assure them they are never alone. We want people to be treated equally irrespective of their skin conditions, and to debunk the myths surrounding people living with vitiligo. We are also looking forward to a time when there would be cure to this problem because majority of our members have fears and are concerned about what the future holds. We are keen on educating because alot of people mistake people with vitiligo survivors burn victims, acid attack and bleaching creams or chemical reaction. How can you change the narrative when you don’t know what you’re dealing with in the first place? Zvitiligo Support Community urges vitiligans to accept their skin conditions and builds their self esteem by creating a safe place, a community of people with vitiligo so we are never alone.