About Beyond Vitilgo


Beyond Vitiligo was founded on 25 June 2011. It is an idea that has been gathering motion throughout the years. The organization was name Beyond Vitiligo because of the notion that vitiligo has no cure and the only way to beat vitiligo is by accepting the skin condition and be able to see beyond the patches. Today BV is operating as a fully registered Non-profit organization, with CIPC and Department of Social development.

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Currently, we have 40 members including three kids aged 3, 5 and 7.

The organization’s objective are:

  • To create awareness on vitiligo in South Africa
  • To find out the latest developments cure of vitiligo
  • To educate South African communities on vitiligo
  • To distribute sunscreen to vitiligo patients, especially those that can’t afford i.e. Vitiligo essential pack
  • Counseling of vitiligo patients
  • Solidifying relationships with stakeholders and funders internationally
  • To engage young people from school, are they likely to be victimized
  • The organization also wants to embody artists in different platforms
  • To establish a Beyond Vitiligo Centre where we can operate from