Vitiligo Community in Ukraine "Others", 2021

Glad to welcome you to the “Other” project page. It has two goals: to inform and to unite. Two components: media and community. This is a platform where you will find useful information about your special skin and the latest vitiligo research in the world. It is for interaction between people with vitiligo and the medical community. The experience of specialists in studying the pathogenesis and treatment of vitiligo in the world will be published here. As well as information on how to recognize the disease in time and stop the progression. At the same time, content on skincare without pigmentation and protection against sunburn.

This is a community where you get the support of like-minded people and people who live happily with vitiligo. Here is an area free from evaluation and criticism for the exchange of experiences and moods. Together we will learn to accept and love our difference. The project aims to provide informational and psychological support to people with vitiligo in Ukraine and to shape the environmental attitude of society to this problem.