About Vitiligo.nl


Vitiligo.nl has founded on 1990, January 26th. In 2021 there are about 1500 members.

Vitiligo.nl is primarily taking care of the needs of people with vitiligo.

She connects people with skin or hair disease to improve their position in the possible care, so the quality of life will be improved. Besides early information of research results we not only want to be facilitating, we also want to encourage our members to join in activities.

Vitiligo.nl will be the platform for people needing information about vitiligo but will also be the connecting factor where one can exchange activities.

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Activities of Vitiligo.nl

Advising and support patients through seminars and activities, contact with fellow sufferers

  • Information through the website, glossy magazine Spotlight, Facebook
  • Annually member and kids’ day
  • Being in contact with other (international) patient organizations
  • Facilitating regional get2getter.
  • Organizing and participating in meetings with hospitals.

In 2021 Vitiligo.nl will realize a close cooperation/partnership with

Amsterdam UMC/SNIP, the Dutch vitiligo competence centre.

Example: Vitiligo.nl is willing to sponsor the study of vitiligo/covid 19

More attention for digital media and opportunities f.e:

Lectures for elementary school