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Marmoladas-A short film about a group of women with vitiligo

By 30 May 2024May 31st, 2024No Comments


They wear changing ornaments in light and dark. They are unique and diverse and call themselves Marmoladas, the marbled ones. In their film, the directors use poetic images to open up new perspectives on the autoimmune disease vitiligo. Together with their protagonists, the four women attempt a reinterpretation: what seems disfiguring becomes decorative. What seems stigmatizing becomes extraordinary. Shame turns into pride.

Background to the film: Two filmmakers accidentally discover that they are both affected by vitiligo. It quickly becomes clear that they want to make a film about it. However, they are both put off by the sometimes shocking medical clips on the Internet that deal with the topic. They decide to deal with the topic of vitiligo in an artistic way so that an aesthetic film can be created that will encourage other sufferers and encourage them to question common beauty ideals without trivializing the autoimmune disease vitiligo.


Length 15:07


Written & directed by                  Astrid Bischofberger (, Lucia Perona

Camera                                            Josef Bischofberger, Astrid Bischofberger, Lucia Perona, Leonardo Salas

Sound                                                Leonardo Salas

Editing                                               Astrid Bischofberger, Lucia Perona

Sounddesign                                   Christoph Giesemann

Music                                                 Maximilian Bischofberger

Singer                                                Lorraine Dinkel

Narrator                                           Astrid Bischofberger


Watch the video here

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