About VITFriends


VITFriends is a patient advocacy group that encourages, educates and empowers our Vitiligo Friends to know all there is to know about their disease; to advocate for themselves; to be comfortable in their skin and to LIVE their best life NOW!


Our ultimate desire is to see changes for our community in the areas of (1)Vitiligo Legislation (2) Correct Insurance labeling (3) Funding for Support Group Programs and (4) Funding for Research.


VITFriends is a registered non-profit charitable 501c(3) Massachusetts-based organization.

We have grown over the years, to include a worldwide following, a total of 12 VITFriends affiliates and other partner groups in several USA states and also our partnership with VITAMIGOS, Cuba; VITSAF of Ghana, Africa; Vitiligo Research Foundation and Global Vitiligo Foundation.

Since Vitiligo’s most significant effect is the QUALITY of LIFE for the patients, we aim to offer encouragement and make connections with others who can understand what another Vitiligo person goes through.


Our main activity is our PODCAST, Our Women’s Workshop, our Pen Pal Patch Children’s Division (Ages 4-14), Our Purple Patch TEENS group (Ages 15-20) Host of the inaugural World Vitiligo Conference and RALLY on the U.S. Capitol Steps in 2016.