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World Vitiligo Day 2024 Highlights

By 5 July 2024July 10th, 2024No Comments

We are thrilled to announce that World Vitiligo Day was a resounding success, demonstrating the power of community and solidarity. This year’s events brought together patients from around the globe, fostering a deep sense of connection and understanding among individuals affected by vitiligo. The day was filled with inspiring speeches, educational workshops, and heartfelt stories that resonated with everyone present.

Many shared how the event made them feel seen, supported, and empowered. It was a day of breaking down barriers, dispelling myths, and celebrating the unique beauty of those living with vitiligo. The unity and awareness have undoubtedly contributed to a more inclusive and compassionate society.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who participated, volunteered, and supported this incredible day. Together, we are making strides towards greater awareness, acceptance, and support for the vitiligo community.



WVD Europe

The Association Française du Vitiligo (French Vitiligo Association) hosted World Vitiligo Day in Bordeaux and it was a successful event. They requested VIPOC representative members to share videos in their own native languages in honour of World Vitiligo Day. Click here to watch the video: World Vitiligo Day 2024

This year, celebrated its two-year membership day and World Vitiligo Day at the Metal Cathedral in Utrecht. The sunny weather uplifted everyone’s spirits, and attendees enjoyed using their consumption vouchers, especially for the fries. The event featured informative stands and activities for both adults and children. Mark Baanders, a twenty-year-old with vitiligo, shared his experiences, creating a sense of camaraderie among attendees. It was truly a day of celebration and connection.

The Vitiligo Society in the UK  held a virtual gathering with their amazing speakers and panel of dermatologists. Deutscher Vitiligo-Bund e.V. organisation participated in an online Zoom meeting “Combining Colors Together” for WVD.

Svenska Vitiligoförbundet celebrated WVD by embracing and encouraging people to wear the bracelet.

The first meeting of people with vitiligo in Kyiv was organised by the Vitiligo Community in Ukraine with the support of partners. It aimed to bring vitiligo people together, connect them with the medical community and the beauty industry, and raise awareness about the disease. The slogan of this year’s event was “community in difference: first time together for support and change”.


The Litty Ligo Vitiligo Community Network‘s first Teen Leadership Summit took place at the World Vitiligo Day Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. Productive discussions about leadership and life skills were led by the founder Sharon M. King and psychologist Vastia Sylvester, who is also the co-founder of Colorful Connections. The Litty Ligo Vitiligo Community Network are happy to express its gratitude to the incredible guest speakers RushDee Williams and Omar Sharife for their valuable contributions!

The Vitiligo Research Foundation had a fantastic celebration of World Vitiligo Day in the lively city of Cali, Colombia. Dr. Claudia Arenas and General Secretary Dr. Adriana Cruz led the event with strong support from the Mayor’s Office and Miss Colombia. The esteemed Professors Falabella and Lotti contributed to making this remarkable event possible. The WVD event was a major success and featured several medical residents as well as a live demonstration of the world’s leading AI for dermatology.

The Beautifully Unblemished Vitiligo Support Group president, Tonja Johnson, celebrated World Vitiligo Day by attending Camp Victory organised by the Global Vitiligo Foundation among other members such as Zaria Vitiligo Support Community, sharing “Psychological Impact of Vitiligo” and coping mechanisms. Other members that joined the USA World Vitiligo Day 2024 were So Rare They StareV Strong Vitiligo Support Community and MasseWorld.

The Vitiligo Educate Inspire & Support SXM and VITFriends celebrated the WVD through a discussion and ‘Wear Purple’ where people wear purple clothing and tag the organisation to be part of the awareness.

WVD Africa

Beyond Vitiligo South Africa‘s founder and VIPOC President, Gaone Matewa, had an exclusive interview with Tbo Touch on #TheTouchDown at Metro FM to discuss and educate listeners about vitiligo since vitiligo in South Africa is not fully understood yet as people confuse it for albinism majority of the time.

The Association Ivoirienne du Vitiligo (Ivorian Vitiligo Association) organised a walk to honour people with vitiligo in Côte d’Ivoire under the theme “Zero Vitiligo My Fight.” Additionally, the association was represented at a meeting in Bordeaux organised by the Association Française du Vitiligo (French Vitiligo Association) to discuss sending vitiligo treatment to Ivory Coast.

Association Tunisienne du Vitiligo (The Tunisian Vitiligo Association) spread the message about vitiligo awareness and celebrated Marwa Ben Belgacem and photographer Malek Marzougui.

Vitiligo Ghana Foundation organisation appeared on GTV Ghana interviewing Enam Heikeens Honya and Mr Onyame Johnathan to also educate people about vitiligo.

Association Franco-Congolaise du Vitiligo celebrated the good news of vitiligo finally being recognised in the DRC which was announced by the Provincial Minister of Health of Haut-Katanga on WVD.

Zimbabwe Vitiligo Support hosted cocktail & networking vitiligo awareness and was sponsored by Lancet Laboratories for WVD.

The Vitiligo Association of Uganda collaborated with @satisfashion magazine Uganda, Serene Beauty, and the British Council to observe World Vitiligo Day, featuring activities such as a health panel discussion, live art drawing, an art exhibition, a patient panel discussion, a live makeup session, poetry, and delicious food.


WVD India and Mexico:

The Shweta Association organized a Vitiligo Fashion Show in honour of World Vitiligo Day, celebrating body positivity, self-image, and self-acceptance. Additionally, the Mexican Vitiligo and Skin Diseases organization hosted a fashion show featuring children posing with “Barbie and Ken” props as a way to educate kids about vitiligo.

Shweta Association India Fashion Show

WVD Australia:

Vitiligo Association of Australia hosted an incredible virtual event featuring some truly inspiring speakers for World Vitiligo Day.


World Vitiligo Day serves several crucial purposes aimed at raising awareness, fostering understanding, and promoting advocacy for individuals affected by vitiligo. The success of our members adhering to the awareness is indeed incredible.

For more information: VIPOC members 


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