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EventsWorld Vitiligo Day

Tour de France du vitiligo, 2-26 June 2021

By 12 August 2021March 27th, 2023No Comments

For World Vitiligo Day afvitiligo hosted a 5000km walk, which took place for 24 days. With countless hours of preparations, sending out emails, phone calls, and letters demanding logistics. The tour finally happened.

This is how we prepared for the tour:

  • 5000 kilometers in 24 days across and around  France
  • 18 stopover towns
  •  More than 2,000 people met on our stands
  •  15 University hospitals visited with conferences with dozens of doctors, dermatologists, health personnel   1 motorhome
  •  27 ° Celsius average temperature
  •  around ten volunteers, board members, or supporters mobilized every day
  •  makeup specialists providing tips and advice in each city
  • skin art workshop, media (newspaper, radio, TV.)

Every day, a team of enthusiastic and motivated volunteers met the patients and their caregivers (often parents) to speak about the disease.
Our motive was:
-To get better care
– Work towards good therapeutic education for patients
-Improve the doctor-patient relationship,
-Avoid fake news about vitiligo,
-Give self-confidence to the patients,
-Inform about alternative solutions with corrective makeup,
-know more about the unmet needs.

This tour was to make everyday life better for people having to live with vitiligo.


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