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VStrong Incyte 2023 Inguinity awards winner

By 7 March 2024No Comments

Wow, what incredible news! The selection committee has awarded the VStrong Vitiligo Support Community up to $35,000 for their groundbreaking project, VStrong “Shine” – Vitiligo Sun Protection Strategy. This is such a wonderful achievement and a testament to the tireless efforts of everyone involved in this project.

It’s truly inspiring to see how VStrong is partnering with the Henry Ford Hospital Dermatology Department to develop resources that will empower the vitiligo community with knowledge about safe sun exposure and self-care tips for sunburn.

We are thrilled to see that this project is being recognized and supported in this way. It has the potential to make a real difference in the lives of so many people.

Congratulations to everyone at VStrong and the Henry Ford Hospital Dermatology Department for this well-deserved honour. Your work is making a positive impact and showing that with perseverance, passion, and collaboration, we can achieve great things. Keep shining, VStrong!

VStrong Vitiligo Support International is hosting a Sun Protection Strategies event virtually and in-person at SouthField on 27 April 2024.

Read the company statement by Incyte Dermatology: Incyte_2023_IngenuityAwards_CompanyStatement_Final_25June2023

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