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Sun Protection and Vitiligo

Protecting Against UVA Rays in the Car

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People with vitiligo may be concerned about protecting their skin from the sun while driving in a car, as prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause further damage to the skin and potentially worsen the appearance of the white patches.

In most cars, windshields block almost all UVB and approximately 50% of UVA rays. However, side and rear windows are often clear glass, which does not prevent UVA rays from penetrating.

UVA Rays

UVA rays are responsible for aging skin, precancers, and skin cancers

Blocking Harmful Rays

Patients with sun sensitive dermatoses like lupus and all melasma patients are encouraged to tint the side windows of their vehicles to reduce UVA exposures to 15%-30%. Tinting, however, must be in compliance with federally mandated standard of 70% minimum visible light transmittance. Clear tints often work very well.

Missouri Window Tint Laws

Vehicles registered in Missouri are allowed to have the windows to the immediate right and left of the driver tinted to 35%, plus or minus 3% or more light transmittance. The windows behind the driver and the rear glass are not subject to tinting limitations. For Missouri drivers requiring additional protection from the sun, drivers can apply for a window tint permit from the Missouri State Highway Patrol with a physician’s prescription indicating that a serious medical condition exists and a specific tint percentage is needed above the standard allowance.
 It’s important to take steps every day to protect your skin. Adding window tint to your car is one way that you can limit the penetration of dangerous UVA rays.
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