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Mr Stephen Taylor, an active 63-year-old African American who’s not just counting his years but making them count

By 20 November 2023No Comments

Meet Mr Stephen Taylor, an active 63-year-old African American who’s not just counting his years but making them count. Diagnosed with vitiligo four decades ago, he’s been on a colorful journey through life, even if his skin might tell a different story.

Retiring from General Motors after an impressive 35-year stint as a reliability engineer, Mr Taylor didn’t let vitiligo put the brakes on his passion for making things work seamlessly. While his skin may have lost its pigment, his spirit remains anything but monochrome.

In his quest for a palette of treatments, he’s tried it all – from vitamin supplements to topical immune inhibitors, and even basked under the glow of phototherapy. Yet, his skin, like a canvas refusing paint, remains 99% void of color. But don’t let that fool you; he’s not faded away. In fact, he’s boldly taken the spotlight as a member of not one, not two, but three vitiligo organizations.

As the General Secretary of the Vitiligo International Patient Organization Committee, Mr Taylor is not just a name on a roster; He is a key player and plays a crucial role in the team’s dynamics and achievements. His dedication doesn’t stop there; he’s been a stalwart member of the VStrong Vitiligo Support Community in Detroit, Michigan, for a whopping 15 years, now donning the hat of the General Secretary. And if that weren’t enough, he’s sitting on the board of directors for the Global Vitiligo Foundation, contributing his wisdom to a cause larger than himself.

This isn’t just about Mr Taylor’s journey; it’s about his commitment to ensuring others don’t face the shadows alone. As a patient advocate, his experience transcends borders – local, national, and international. His engagements with healthcare professional organizations have given him a palette of experiences, painting a unique and well-rounded picture of advocacy. Mr Stephen Taylor isn’t just living with vitiligo; he’s thriving, and in doing so, he’s helping others paint their own vibrant stories despite the stigma that might come with vitiligo.

In the symphony of life, Mr Stephen Taylor’s story is a bold note, refusing to be muted by the absence of color on his skin. His journey is a testament to the fact that life can be lived in full color, no matter the canvas it’s presented on.

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