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San Diego AAD Annual Meeting

By 28 March 2024No Comments

VIPOC, Vitiligo International Patient-Organisation Conference, was represented by amazing members – Gaone Matewa, Stephen Taylor, Jack Gardener, and Dr Karen.

The conference began with the Vitiligo Physician Education Summit, which was led by the Global Vitiligo Foundation (GVF). But what made the event truly special was the intriguing segment that took place towards the end of the session. Four patients – Gaone Matewa, Denise Blanks, Justine Hall, and Priyanka Francis – took the stage and shared their personal experiences for 30 minutes. This unique inclusion provided attendees with invaluable insights into the lived experiences of vitiligo patients. They shared their perspectives on the challenges they face, the key takeaways from their journeys, and how they stay positive despite it all. It was truly inspiring, and everyone left with a new appreciation for the strength and resilience of vitiligo patients.

Stephen Taylor was among the first speakers who opened the event alone. Particularly striking was the discussion on vitiligo’s historical context, tracing back to its roots in Egypt dating back to the 1500s. Additionally, the emphasis on mentorship that the dermatologists from Egypt that they got from the mentos, extending even to organisational management, left a lasting impression.

On March 8, 2024, we had the opportunity to attend the Skin Matters Reception co-hosted by GlobalSkin and the Coalition of Skin Diseases. The Skin Matters Reception was a standout moment of the conference, providing a conducive environment for attendees to network and engage in collaborative discussions. It offered us a chance to learn about the efforts of GlobalSkin and CSD in advocating for dermatological diseases and also to connect with other AAD delegates.


Saturday’s sessions covered a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from treatment modalities to dietary considerations and the various manifestations of vitiligo. Notably, this marked the inaugural participation of patients in the American Academy of Dermatologists’ conference, with Justine Hall making an impressive speech. The conference provided a great opportunity for networking and collaborative discussions among attendees. Many advocates and experts in the vitiligo field were present, which helped to foster meaningful connections aimed at advancing the understanding and treatment of vitiligo.

Distinguished dermatologists, researchers, and experts shared their latest findings and insights, leading discussions on emerging trends and best practices in vitiligo management. Various topics were covered, ranging from investigating the correlation between diet and vitiligo to providing updates on treatment options and comprehending the condition’s varied manifestations across different age groups.

Presenters offered critical analyses of current therapeutic approaches, highlighting their efficacy and limitations. Moreover, they delved into exciting advancements in understanding vitiligo’s pathogenesis, risk factors, and disease activity patterns. Notably, the conference underscored the optimism surrounding clinical trial results, particularly the approval of the first FDA-approved medication for vitiligo, heralding a significant breakthrough in treatment options.

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